Green Bay Packer Fan Michelle Wilgus Soon to be Crowned Sunday Night Football Ultimate Fan

Sunday Night Football Ultimate Fan Contestant

Lifelong Green Bay Packer fan Michelle Wilgus is expecting good news on Friday, January 6, 2012. Friday the winner of the Sunday Night Football Ultimate Fan Contest will be named. The winner, determined by Facebook voting, gets an all-expense paid trip to Super Bowl XLVI. As of the day before the contest ends, Wilgus leads all other contestants by a margin of more than 20%. Like the Green Bay Packers themselves, she appears to have a commanding lead over her competitors.

Q. How did you hear about the contest and why did you apply?

A. I was a friend of Sunday Night Football on NBC on Facebook and saw the contest details. I sent in a story 100 words or less on why I love Sunday Night football along with a picture to correspond with the story. Who wouldn’t want an all expense paid trip to the Super Bowl?

Michelle’s story featured on the Sunday Night Football Facebook page is listed below.

Q. What factors helped you to win?
A. I really need to give credit to my family, friends, and co-workers also, but the Packer fans are the ones who blew it out of the water!!  The biggest factor to help me win (I haven’t won yet, it’s over Friday (1/6/2012) ) is Packer fans. I made connections w/ fans all over the world and that’s where a majority of my votes are coming from!

Q. So who are you bringing to the big game?

A. I recently got engaged, after being in a 7 year relationship, on Christmas Day, he sealed the deal with the ring for the extra ticket!

Q. And what is your dream matchup for the Super Bowl?

A. My dream match-up would be Green Bay and New England!

Q. How long have you been a Packer fan? Are you from a family of Packer fans? Is your fiancée is a Packer fan too?

A. Yes, both my parents are Packer fans so I was born and raised a Packer Fan. And, the fiancée is a BEARS fan! He always knew I wanted to be engaged at Lambeau, and always told me no, because he was a Bears fan. Since the Bears were playing the Packers on Christmas Day he gave in, to make my dream come true!

Q. What have you learned from this experience?

A. Being a police officer we rarely get to see the goodness in people. Going through this contest and having the tremendous support from people I don’t even know has changed my whole perspective on the goodness of mankind! If anyone ever tells me that Packer fans are not the best I will tell the story of how I brought them all together from all over the world to help one girl with a dream, and they succeeded!

Below is Michelle’s Winning Contest Entry:
I am the Ultimate SNF fan. I’m a police officer of 9 years in a middle sized community. I deal with negative situations and sadness everyday that I put my uniform on. I see and hear things ordinary people cringe at the thought of. I tune into SNF weekly to hear my favorite commentator Cris Collinsworth. Cris’ optimism and positive attitude helps me unwind from a hard day and get prepared for the next. SNF is my “getaway” from negativity. As a Packers fan, my favorite SNF moment is in 2010 at Lambeau with the Packers vs. the Cowboys.


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The Green Bay Packers are a dynamic, progressive organization. As a life-long fan, this blog will examine Packer nation news and chronicle their Super Bowl journey.
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11 Responses to Green Bay Packer Fan Michelle Wilgus Soon to be Crowned Sunday Night Football Ultimate Fan

  1. Yeah Michelle!!! Go Michelle Go!!! Go Pack Go!!!

  2. darylslin says:

    I think it’s great how we as fans from all over the world have made one person’s dream come true, not just any person but a lady who deserves this reward for the hard work she puts in helping others in the line of duty.
    From a Packer Fan in the UK.

  3. Yep, clicking away on the vote, share, go back, vote, share, go back. YAY!!!! MICHELLE!!!! So glad we Packer fans could help! and CONGRATULATIONS on the engagment!!!

  4. Jo Shaw says:

    I’m one of her Packer friends from the United Kingdom. We are all going to live vicariously through Michelle when she goes to the Superbowl. Going to the Superbowl is the ultimate dream for any football fan (although going to Lambeau is my dream!). She is such a lovely person, has a really tough job that totally deserves recognition, and is a Packer fan, so who wouldn’t want to vote for her? I feel proud to have been part of this!

    • Beth says:

      I hope you are able to visit Lambeau Field soon! It really is a delight. It is exciting to see the worldwide Packer family support one another.

  5. Cheese Louise! says:

    Congrats from St. Vince and Cheese Louise! Great picture!

  6. Beth says:

    Love to see St. Vince spreading the love in the Packer nation.

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