Dancing With the Stars or Dinking with the Scores?

The dance scoring of Green Bay Packer wide receiver Donald Driver and partner Peta Murgatroyd on ABCs television series “Dancing With The Stars” has been a little inconsistent to say the least. You could say Donald Driver’s score is more dubious than the handling of Milwaukee Brewer Ryan Braun’s urine sample. As a Packer fan the missed scores on DWTS have made me wonder if NFL official Ed Hochuli is a producer behind the scenes.
As a football fan and a person who enjoys competition in general, there is an expectation of fairness as we watch these competitions. Viewers expect judges to be unbiased and base scores on actual performance. This season of Dancing With The Stars has been a disappointment because the judging seems anything but fair.
There are a couple of possible causes: One possibility is that some judges are using their scores not rate actual performance on the dance floor, but are using the scores to tilt the scales for dancers who have a smaller fan base. In the case of Donald Driver, the Packer nation fan base is showing up and voting. To counter this outpouring of loyalty, some judges are giving him scores that do not reflect his actual performance.
Another possibility is that this is just a ratings scam. The judges are rigging the scores to create drama and increase ratings. They see that Donald Driver is very popular and they are manipulating him and his fan base to keep them interested in the

The possibility is that Donald just isn’t that good. I don’t know if Donald will win the disco ball trophy or not, but he is definitely holding his own. Sadly, the scores

aren’t reflecting that and it is obvious to the public that these score are pretty irregular.
Dancing With the Stars or Dinking with the Scores? I’m not sure which it is, but I really don’t like it.


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The Green Bay Packers are a dynamic, progressive organization. As a life-long fan, this blog will examine Packer nation news and chronicle their Super Bowl journey.
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